This is the big one folks! The Red V Podcast goes 1 on 1 with Anthony Mundine.
Choc chats about his career in the Red V and talks in detail about the 1996 and 1999 seasons.
Tonsillitis on 1999 Grand Final day, talking the talk to get under the skin of his rivals Fittler and Daley and leaving football and dealing with racism: Anthony Mundine doesn't back down in this tell all chat. 
We also chat JDB trial, Kaide Ellis re-signing and review the halfback position in 2020.
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Part two of our chat with former Dragons fullback Lee Murphy. Lee talks about that dubious day at Kogarah against Canterbury in the 1998 semi finals, playing in St George Illawarra's 1st ever game and walking away from rugby league.
Plus we talk latest Dragons news (Kogarah redevelopment and the boys returning to pre-season training) and review the Five-Eighth position in 2020.

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The third and final installment of the Rags To Riches story. 
The Dragons have marched their way into the semi-finals, but can this youthful side continue their dream season?
From Bartrim's classic solo try against Canberra, the kick-a-thon against Sydney City and Mundine's class runaway try against Norths, we have all the highlights of the 1996 Finals Series covered. 
From the Ashes of the Super League War, this team has stood up to be counted and proved the inspiring spirit of St George lives on.
With interviews featuring Anthony Mundine, Noel Goldthorpe and Mark Bell, this third and final part concludes the story of one of the most dramatic seasons in St George history. 

Part one of our honest chat with former Dragon Lee Murphy. Lee chats openly about his career at Saints and why it didn't last as long as he would have liked. He also talks about playing through the Super League years and what it was like to run out in front of a sea of red and white at Kogarah Oval. 
Plus we chat latest Dragons news including JDB case, Jason Saab wanting out and the Jack Bird signing.
We also review the Dragons centre position from 2020 in our position review series.

After a positive start to the season, St George have hit a road block. In the midst of a five-game skid, talk of the future of the club has returned. Adding to this is the high profile and very public departure of Anthony Mundine to Brisbane as well as Scott Gourley's departure to Sydney City for 1997. 
Can the Red V find a way to bounce back and steady the ship? 
Don't miss part two with recollections from former Dragons Mark Bell, Noel Goldthorpe and Jeff Hardy. 

Part two of our absorbing chat with John Dorahy. 
John chats about the pride in captaining the Steelers, playing and coaching in the UK, being selected in Illawarra's 25-year team and loads more!
Plus the latest in Dragons news with a look at JDB's trial and Jason Saab.

Rags to riches tells the story of one of must tumultuous, exhilarating and fun seasons in the history of the St George Rugby League Club.
Brian Smith has left as coach, Rod Reddy walks out as the replacement coach, players are training at rival clubs and the future of St George is well and truly is question. Will they survive? Will they have a team for Round 1?

With the offseason in full swing we continue to bring you the latest on the mighty Dragons!
Latest Dragons news and updates (Faamausilli signing) and Review the Wing position from 2020.

Plus a fascinating chat with former Steeler John Dorahy. John chats about his career with Wests Illawarra, City Country, getting punched by Changa Langlands, his serious Neck injury in 1980 plus a lot lot more. 

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This is a story of resilience, passion, comebacks and that fighting St George spirit.

From a club that was left in tatters in Pre-season, to a barren run of mid season form where they lost five games on the trot to a crazy run that led it all the way to the Grand Final.

This three-part documentary tells the story of the up's and downs of the St George 1996 season from those who experienced it. Hear from Dragons players: Noel Goldthorpe, Jeff Hardy, Mark Bell, Kevin Campion and Scott Gourley.
Plus insights from Dragons skipper Mark Coyne and coach David Waite.

You won't want to miss this rags to riches story of the mighty Dragons.

Join us on the 29th October for the premiere of part one on our social media channels and released on Podbean. 

A jam packed podcast episode. 
Latest Dragons news (player movement, end of season awards, JDB court case), review the Fullback position, part two of our chat with Dragons forward Jeff Hardy and we answer your fans questions.

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